PISCES- The Zodiac Music Pack

PISCES- The Zodiac Music Pack

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PISCES- From the Zodiac Music Pack (composed by Nathan Britton)

A music pack featuring a wide variety of instrumental colours and textures between piano, strings, horns, woodwinds, roman & middle eastern percussions & SFX’s. 

  1. PISCES- Complete Theme

  2. PISCES- First Theme Loop

  3. PISCES- Ambient Loop 1 (85 bpm)

  4. PISCES- Positive Sting

  5. PISCES- Positive Event

  6. PISCES- Victory Jingle

  7. PISCES- Victory Jingle Alt. Version

  8. PISCES- Negative Sting

  9. PISCES- Defeat Jingle

  10. PISCES- Defeat Jingle Alt. Version

  11. PISCES- Negative Event

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