About Us

We are an innovative music supervision network for films, television, games & branding campaigns ran by internationally-acclaimed artists and producers. We match content producers & developers with precleared high-quality new music & audio assets. Our music content is designed by impressive roster of composers and producers from around the world, curated specifically for major brands & distributors.

Custom Soundtracks

All the best games, films & tv shows have an intelligently crafted exclusive soundtracks. Work directly with our roster of internationally-acclaimed composers & musicians to create an intelligent & memorable audio world. 

Curated Playlist

Need a single or multiple tracks? Receive free curated playlists of our music, specifically for your production. The Soundtrack Market offers fairly-priced music licenses based on the PRS & MCPS pricing guidelines.   Send us information about your project and we will curate a custom playlists with the best options for the production. We accept any form of digital references: briefs, epk's, video & music files


Audio Branding

Work with our sonic experts to produce world-class audio branding for social & marketing campaigns.  Our elite team to produce exclusive custom sonic logos, jingles, music & sound design that resonates with your brand.

Pilots & Prototypes

We are always interested to hear from serious producers and game developers who have a project in pre-production. You can collaborate with us on your pilots & protoypes by either receiving discounted rates on our custom music service or negotiating a % split of the equity of the your project.


Music Supervision

If you want complete music services, we can music supervise your project for you, including:

  • Help determine the musical tone of the film.

  • Spot script during preproduction for potential prerecords and clearances.

  • Suggest and help with selection of composers.

  • Work with composers directly to ensure a cohesive soundtrack.

  • Search for and help with all source music – major label, indie, or library.

  • Record cover songs, if necessary.

  • Clear and license all songs.

  • Oversee entire music budget.

  • Provide cue sheets and all needed documents for distributor deliverables.

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