Custom Soundtracks

All the best games, films & tv shows have an intelligently crafted original soundtracks. We are a collective of experts who specialise in creating comprehensive audio worlds to help drive narrative and provoke emotions. Get in touch to discuss you project directly with one of our advisors.

Curated Music Playlists

Need a single or multiple tracks for a production? The Soundtrack Market offers fairly-priced music licenses based on the PRS & MCPS pricing guidelines.   Send us information about your project and we will curate a custom playlists with the best and most cost-effected options for the production. We accept any form of digital references: briefs, epk's, video & music files For a small fee, we can also create demos specifically for your production.

Audio Branding

Our collective has a proven track record of offering world-class audio branding for social & marketing campaigns.  An collaborative and creative effort to produce exclusive custom sonic logos, jingles, music & sound design that resonates with your brand.

Pilots, Prototypes & Collaborations

We are always interested to hear from serious producers and game developers who have a project in pre-production. You can collaborate with us on your pilots & protoypes by either receiving discounted rates on our custom music service or negotiating a % split of the equity of the your project. 

Soundtrack Market Clients